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#SaveALife: Adopt From Fulton County Animal Services

Fulton County Animal Services has three times as many dogs as capacity. And from November 27 until November 30, they’re waiving all adoption fees, thanks to Zappos.com. You know what that means? Get a new foot warmer for the upcoming winter! Just remember to pooper scoop after a brisk walk around 6am.

There’s even some cats that could use a new home, too.  Kitten season doesn’t just happen in spring. Looking for a pet is an amazing introduction into what devotion really means.

We all know I’m a sucker for a pet. Hello, I have four cats when I didn’t plan on one. And I’m looking after wonderkid Dia now, too. (Whose a boy, after all.) But it’s all about being good and doing good.

Seriously, those in Atlanta: if you’re looking for a pet, please consider adopting. If not adopting, then be a temporary foster. Homes are needed until the transportation on December 21. Or donate some food. The shelter’s in desperate need of some wet for the cats and dogs. Animals can easily eat a month’s supply when you’ve got three times the amount looking for a meal this season.

Holidays are an endless cycle in pet adoption. After Christmas, the weight of responsibility means a lot of visits to the animal shelter as pets are abandoned. If you’re uncertain on the corresponding pet and kid life stages, check out PetFinder’s recommendations. Remember that little kids can’t be a really responsible agent in a pet’s life. Would you trust your  life with a 5-year-old? Then why choose a pet’s?

So break the cycle and save a life through fostering if you can’t adopt. You’ll feel amazing for a very long time afterwards. And nothing like a lick of thanks on Black Friday, right?

Definitely a better investment than an unneeded device that’ll be broken in two days or the frustration of missing a toy sale and having to pay full price anyway. Also, who wants to camp out at a store for 16 hours for a savings of $2 bucks anyway?

Go into your adoption knowing you’re gonna be paying full price for the blasted game controller and come away with a buddy that’ll sit beside you while you try mortal kombat through a zombie apocalypse.


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