Inner Space

Unbroken We

We bend
–we blur and merge.
We fly; we soar.

We fall;  we break.
We cry.
We shiver and shake.
We tremble, we fear.
We lose. We win.

We conquer,
victorious in our inevitable decline.
We cuddle,  we love.
–we hate.
We feel,  we are.
We jump,  we hope.

We fall against the wind,
We fail.
We look ahead.
We watch the center storm.
We breathe. We march forward.

We survive with a parried thrust
–into the storm, then we move.

About The Poem

Vulnerability is hard. It’s uneasy, hurts, and makes you wanna hurl. But as a species, we survive that feeling of disempowerment every day. How? By being honest with ourselves, even if we don’t want to be. Even if we consciously hide, there’s another part that makes that hurling thing a possibility. We cope. And we survive when the pitfalls rise up to meet us square in the face and at the absolute worst time.

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