#ExpressLove Pride in Atlanta

As a partner to a bisexual, genderqueer man, I make it a point to try and understand what Pride means to the community around me. I’m an ally, but I’m not in the group. However, being ally doesn’t mean I can’t learn a lot about  love and acceptance along the way.

#ExpressLove is a campaign by American Express and Paper Magazine that goes around major city’s Pride weekend festivities. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in my partner’s place since he can’t attend right now. And what I learned is very simple: love is more than just romance. It’s family, embracement, and unity in the midst of celebration.

Pride is more than a single thing. It’s everything.

Click on the thumbnails to read stories and/or descriptions of the pictures. Photos taken by me, edited by Sven Hueske.

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