Clever Girl

The DNS disappearance

So where did the site go for months? That’s a good question!

Turns out that I had to verify my domain information and during that time, the DNS changed while waiting on me to click a button. Who knew? Let’s just say I was just as confused as any readers. Angry, too, since I was paying for hosting I couldn’t access and words I wanted to let loose on the world. Okay, maybe it was good that there was a filter set in place. Still!

On a lark, I checked the information earlier today. Changed it back to where it needed to be and surprise! Clever Girl returned from the murky ether.

I’ll have a new post up soonish. Prepare for epic rants of fuckery called American politics. If you follow me on Twitter, you know this already. But 140 character limits my ranting capabilities. But they exist. Oh, do they exist. Especially when they start screwing with my future plans for settling down and having adorable, chubby cheeked kids with my German not-so-pristine┬áprince.

Oh, right. Like I’d have a partner any less vocal than me. Chrissy Teigen and I have that in common: don’t settle. Find the best person to walk beside you, then show the world what power really looks. My guy was here for 2 months and it was glorious. But more on that later.

Also Woman’s Day will be on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 and I plan on celebrating that as a woman that believes in uplifting other women. Until then, I’ll be over here…fussing at HGTV for having crappy marathons. And listening to Pod Save America since someone needs to offer a little clarity.

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