International Women's Day

#BeBoldForChange Activists on March 8th

Every year March 8 represents International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Be Bold For Change. So how can a woman be bold against the rising populist movement? That’s a hard question to answer because there’s no definitive measure really. After all, a woman can’t be bold on a single level; instead she must attack every stage from the local to the international. Gaining rights for women in your city is valuable, but it doesn’t help women across the nation. And protesters, organizers, and movers face becoming social villains, depending on the selling narrative of the time. So I can’t answer this from any other perspective but my own. That’s exactly what I’ll do.

Here’s how I’m willing to change the world around me: fighting back for future generations’ freedom. It’s not just those us alive now that will face present day repercussions. Nominations like the Supreme Court are generational. My generation–the X-Y grey area–continues to have children and our children will face decisions made by those in charge, no matter if I personally voted for the winning party or not. Politics are more than a single issue. It’s everything. So my job is to promote change, to be bold, to remind the world why women are valuable.

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Clever Girl

The DNS disappearance

So where did the site go for months? That’s a good question!

Turns out that I had to verify my domain information and during that time, the DNS changed while waiting on me to click a button. Who knew? Let’s just say I was just as confused as any readers. Angry, too, since I was paying for hosting I couldn’t access and words I wanted to let loose on the world. Okay, maybe it was good that there was a filter set in place. Still!

On a lark, I checked the information earlier today. Changed it back to where it needed to be and surprise! Clever Girl returned from the murky ether.

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Legacy of Wisdom, Women, and Power

Wisdom comes a deep price.

For Millennials, that price has been paid twice in less than a generation. Ideology will take a backseat to having to eke a living in a turbulent world while looking for shelter…again. Many of us older members of the generation remember the hard fought battles against George W. Bush’s mandates. And how hard it’s been to overturn a lot of his suppression policies. His legacy is tainted in corruption and blood.


Compared to future president Donald Trump, Bush is…well, Busch league. All his terrible policies, like Gitmo, will pale in comparison to the man who stoked open bigotry, hatred, and misogyny for those votes. The veneer isn’t just stripped away with some powerful lye soap; its cracks are openly inviting more hatred as minority children return to school and wonder if they’ll be able to stay safe on the ride home. What does it say about our nation that children were right in predicting such bone-deep terror?

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William Shakespeare, Gentlemen of Verona

The Book Stops Here: Regency Rape

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to really devour and enjoy books.

Reading’s always been the most comforting hobby. Growing up, my godmothers and dad instilled the idea of reading. And it’s easy, time-consuming hobby where I learn things. Authors like Jo Beverley and Courtney Milan offer tidbits of history in the notes section, letting me explore with a few tantalizing leads.

Beverley’s death shook me. She was my go-to for really well written romance novels and the reason I found people like Milan and Tessa Dare. Gateway into amazing writers, really. The beginning genre love began a bit earlier however. I discovered romance novels around the same time I moved beyond Sweet Valley High (so probably around age 11). My elder godmom had stacks and stacks of bodice rippers. Turns out that was much more appealing than the other godmom’s horrors or my dad’s patriotic spy novels. I would sit in my closet, flash light on, and read the various novels until late into the night. A born book nerd.

But one thing always stood out in the romance genre, though. I never liked the rape trope.

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Depression Lies

When Depression Lies

Depression lies.

It is an utter void of despair, seeping into your being. It rewires and re-illustrates what you think the truth is. But remember: depression lies. It’s not easy to look past that when the stress pounds against your skull. When the world makes you feel like a failure for not winning a losing battle. But it’s a lie. You can beat depression…because it lies.

I struggle with depression every single day.

I don’t always notice. Sometimes it pops up when I lay my head on the pillow and all the worries come rushing back. Nothing like a stressmare that’s running on depression and anxiety, right? But I have to always remember depression lies. I’m not a failure while I search for job. A lot of millennials are searching for jobs right now. A lot of us are struggling to make ends meet as the world doesn’t confirm to fit our needs, staying in a stagnant holding pattern until the right chess piece is moved. Far, far above our level.

We’re not in power, not yet.

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Much Ado About Nothing, 1993

Finding Shakespearean Agency

I have a love-hate relationship with the Bard. Some people are firmly in the anti-camp. I just stay along the fringe.

I love the characterizations, but oftentimes I get mired in the dark cynicism of destructive power. Think about Lady Macbeth. Here’s a woman determined to rise in society, to follow her husband’s glory, and a refusal to stop at anything to make that happen. Pretty easy to see the blueprint for most high society dramas, right? It’s like Aaron Spelling just read a lot of Shakespeare and adapted the work.

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International Women's Day

#IWD2016: Educating About Gender Parity

Today is International Women’s Day.

A celebration of women and everything we’ve accomplished to gain the rights we have. But that’s only half the story. For every Hannah Arendt, there’s thousands of intelligent, bright minds left to wither in the world because funding is scarce and often not distributed evenly.

But it’s not just sexist poverty that limits opportunities, either. It’s the systematic segregation based on gender. Old stereotypes and a patriarchal lead global society push to limit women’s success. After all, an educated woman can be dangerous when fighting for the rights of those she calls sisters.

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School Learning, Education, Teacher

Reality: Gender Inequality Hurts Education

How do you combat gender pay inequality? Ask Aileen Rizo-Acosta, who is advocating fair pay for women employees in the teaching field. Local paper Community Alliance spoke with the teacher, who found the harsh reality of fixing the system comes down to more than just a single entity.

In fact, prior pay only becomes a known factor when finding out just how much the Fresno County Office of Education values experience once an offer is made. And often women face much, much lower levels of pay.

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Woman Statue, Enghien Park

Representing Women in Hollywood

In an opinion piece for The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica Chastain opens up on what’s like to be on a set with women in charge. She doesn’t disparage men nor does she berate the system. What she does so effectively is remind audiences and the industry how vital women are in the creation of art.

Chastain’s joy at another female lead in John Hillcoat’s Lawless explains a lot about the culture of a male-dominated set. It’s not necessarily about purposeful exclusion; sometimes it’s about an ingrained culture where the norm is never disturbed because no one looks beyond a single experience.

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