Code Name: Clever Girl

The Story of Jessica: It’s Complicated…

I believe in justice and fairness. Representation creates communities. Clever by way of educating myself. Still growing, still learning, always on the look out for more things to do.

Jessica Hannan, Clever GirlA work in progress with a love of academics and starting projects. Really strong opinions and a deep empathy for those facing real injustices. (Hint: your lack of blueberries in your pancakes isn’t exactly gritty, sorry. Even if I love blueberries more than life itself.)

Site’s name, Clever Girl, is a nickname given by my partner. I’m apparently clever enough to outlast a velociraptor and T-Rex. Part of Research Queen Productions. Always moving, always creating, always out to find the best answer. Jessica is what my parents named me. I prefer being my definition of clever.

Engaged to an amazing person who makes me see the world every single day. So lucky to have that kind of support in my life. Pay it forward whenever possible because that kind of love and trust is rare. Complications crop up in an international relationship, almost daily, but it’s worth the fight.

I love cats and protect them whenever possible. It’s a passion project, at all levels. Cats help center me when the world goes a little wonky. 35 and not new to the Internet. Daytime work supports a passion for journalism. I love finding answers from what people witness and discuss. This theory goes right back to that justice cornerstone of personal ethics. Everyone deserves the chance to succeed, to be heard, and to find equality. As a woman, this fundamental to journalism topics I cover. When in doubt, do good.

Photographer and writer. Not to mention a visual artist. Creativity makes the world so much better. How do you make the world care about your passions? You use art to show personal, intimate realities that words may not fully express. I love to paint, too. Particularly fond of mixing acrylic and water color on canvas.