Depression Lies

When Depression Lies

Depression lies.

It is an utter void of despair, seeping into your being. It rewires and re-illustrates what you think the truth is. But remember: depression lies. It’s not easy to look past that when the stress pounds against your skull. When the world makes you feel like a failure for not winning a losing battle. But it’s a lie. You can beat depression…because it lies.

I struggle with depression every single day.

I don’t always notice. Sometimes it pops up when I lay my head on the pillow and all the worries come rushing back. Nothing like a stressmare that’s running on depression and anxiety, right? But I have to always remember depression lies. I’m not a failure while I search for job. A lot of millennials are searching for jobs right now. A lot of us are struggling to make ends meet as the world doesn’t confirm to fit our needs, staying in a stagnant holding pattern until the right chess piece is moved. Far, far above our level.

We’re not in power, not yet.

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Internet Ready Shopping Cart

A Holiday Guide: How Not To Be A Dick To Customer Service

So it’s holiday peak season. I know Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday have passed, but let’s face it: until about a week before Christmas, the sales never stop. And it can be a really thankless job to work in customer service when everyone’s fussing and screaming at you, accusing you of theft, and god knows what else. So! I’ve found a solution.

For your reading pleasure, I’ve made a handy list on how to NOT treat customer service representatives during the holiday season. And in no particular order.

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