Clever Girl

The DNS disappearance

So where did the site go for months? That’s a good question!

Turns out that I had to verify my domain information and during that time, the DNS changed while waiting on me to click a button. Who knew? Let’s just say I was just as confused as any readers. Angry, too, since I was paying for hosting I couldn’t access and words I wanted to let loose on the world. Okay, maybe it was good that there was a filter set in place. Still!

On a lark, I checked the information earlier today. Changed it back to where it needed to be and surprise! Clever Girl returned from the murky ether.

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Clever Girl

Hello, y’all!

Welcome to land of Jessica.

Here, you’ll find a whole wealth of knowledge. Ranging from opinions to some personal revelations. I hope you’ll stick around while I figure out the plans for the site over the holidays. Working in retail, this is make-or-break period on two fronts, so I might be a little here and there. But I haven’t forgotten anything.

The background is a modified picture I took earlier this week while wandering a town. I liked the look for an opening. It won’t last for too long, but long enough. If you want to keep up with all my work, there’s a newsletter sign up at Research Queen Productions.