Legacy of Wisdom, Women, and Power

Wisdom comes a deep price.

For Millennials, that price has been paid twice in less than a generation. Ideology will take a backseat to having to eke a living in a turbulent world while looking for shelter…again. Many of us older members of the generation remember the hard fought battles against George W. Bush’s mandates. And how hard it’s been to overturn a lot of his suppression policies. His legacy is tainted in corruption and blood.


Compared to future president Donald Trump, Bush is…well, Busch league. All his terrible policies, like Gitmo, will pale in comparison to the man who stoked open bigotry, hatred, and misogyny for those votes. The veneer isn’t just stripped away with some powerful lye soap; its cracks are openly inviting more hatred as minority children return to school and wonder if they’ll be able to stay safe on the ride home. What does it say about our nation that children were right in predicting such bone-deep terror?

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United Nations Building, NYC

Change the Rules. Change the Ending.

There’s a plethora of pictures/memes posted online with Gandhi’s “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” across social media now. For good reason, really. We’re a reactionary species and many of us Americans in the XYZ generations are plain tired of all the crises.

Think about it.

From Desert Storm to still being in Afghanistan, we’ve had a pretty conflict-riddled existence. Constant infighting among politicians caused a lot of us to lose benefits, or our lives, as the world’s economy progressed-and then collapsed. It’s been 25 years of never ending conflict.

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